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P/N: 6901443218547

Аксесоар, Huawei Moonlight Selfie Stick CF33

HUAWEI Mobile Phones >> Huawei Moonlight Selfie Stick CF33 Препоръчителен сервиз
Препоръчителен сервиз
Сръчко сервиз, тел. 02 9950980; 080018818, адрес: гр. София, ул. Леге 6, сайт: http://consumer.huawei.com/bg/support/service-center/index.htm



Предназначен за Smartphones
Х-ка 2 Stylish body with integrated LED soft fill light. Allows to shoot clear and bright selfies even in dark environments
Х-ка 3 LED light with 3 brightness levels. Take selfies from any angle and from a longer distance.
Х-ка 4 Large shutter button on the handle for remote control via Bluetooth. Durable Aluminium alloy body that can bear up to 1kg
Х-ка 5 Length approx.: folded 185 mm, extended up to 610 mm
Х-ка 6 Charging connector: USB Type-C 5V/1A
Х-ка 7 Weight: 126 g
Х-ка 8 Compatible with devices running Android 5.0 (or higher) or iOS 8.0 (or higher), Bluetooth and a width of 67 to 90 mm.
Гаранция 24 месеца

EAN: 6901443218547