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Лампа, Allocacoc LightDisc Solar; WHITE

ALLOCACOC >> Allocacoc LightDisc Solar; WHITE Препоръчителен сервиз
Препоръчителен сервиз
АЛЛОКАКОК БЪЛГАРИЯ ЕООД , тел: 0884 68 68 84, имейл: office@allocacoc.bg , сайт: https://allocacoc.bg/



Х-ка 1 Battery capacity: 2000mAH (7.5Wh)
Х-ка 2 Input(Solar): 5V/0.25A
Х-ка 3 Input(USB-C): DC5V/2A
Х-ка 4 Material: ABS, PC
Х-ка 5 Output(USB-A): DC5V/2A
Х-ка 6 Capture the energy of light and store it in the internal batteries; Up to 12-hours light; Cable reel
Х-ка 7 Fully charge the battery before its first use via USB-C,the internal battery can by used to charge your mobile phone or other USB devices.
Х-ка 8 Moon-mode: Lights up when the sun goes down and the moon comes up; Dimmable 3W LED: The bright 3W light is able to light up your entire room; Sticky-Pad
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