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Изчакайте зарежда се ..


P/N: 21478

Адаптер, TRUST Moda Universal 60W USB-C Charger


Предназначен за Laptops or any other device with USB-C port
Х-ка 2 60W total power output, with support for 5/9/12/15/20V and up to 3A
Х-ка 3 Works at 100-240V, 50/60Hz: perfect for traveling
Х-ка 4 No manual settings, just Plug & Go: automatic voltage and power detection via Power Delivery 2.0
Х-ка 5 Reversible USB-C connector: easily plug-in in any direction
Х-ка 6 Unique, compact and durable design; only 23mm thick
Х-ка 7 Energy efficient design with protection against overload and short circuit
Х-ка 8 Total cable length 210 cm
Гаранция 24 месеца

EAN: 8713439214789