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P/N: BD403A

Софтуер, HP 3PAR 7440c Priority Opt Drive LTU

HP Mass Storage продукти >> HP 3PAR 7440c Priority Opt Drive LTU Препоръчителен сервиз
Препоръчителен сервиз
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Х-ка 1 HP 3PAR Priority Optimization Software enables service levels for applications and workloads as business requirements dictate.
Х-ка 2 HP 3PAR Priority Optimization enables customer to provision storage performance as they can provision storage capacity;
Х-ка 3 this allows them to create SLAs to protect mission critical applications in enterprise environments by assigning a minimum goal for I/O per second, bandwidth and latency so performance for that specific tenant or application is assured.
Х-ка 4 Or assign performance max limits on workloads with lower service level requirements.
Х-ка 5 Provide high priority applications with all the resources they need to meet service levels. Enable certainty and predictability for all applications and tenants.
Х-ка 6 Configure service level objectives-I/O per Seconds limit and I/O Bandwidth limit, on a Virtual Volume Set (VVset) or between different Virtual Domains.
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