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P/N: L5V-00021

Клавиатура, Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop USB Port English

Microsoft хардуер >> Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop USB Port English Препоръчителен сервиз
Препоръчителен сервиз
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Предназначен за Компютър
Тип на свързване Wireless
Цвят Black
БДС кирилизация -
Х-ка 3 Wireless: 3 meters typical. Note: RF range is affected by many factors, such as nearby metallic objects and relative positioning of the mouse and receiver.
Х-ка 4 Cushioned palm rest provides support and promotes a neutral wrist position. Split keyset design helps to position wrists and forearms in a natural, relaxed position.
Х-ка 5 Natural Arc key layout mimics the curved shape of the finger tips. Domed keyboard design positions wrists at a natural, relaxed angle. Separate number pad provides greater flexibility for workspace setup.
Х-ка 6 The shape of the mouse is designed to maximize wrist comfort. Thumb scoop helps to maintain the correct ergonomic hand and wrist position. Reverse tilt angles the keyboard to promote a straight neutral wrist position.
Х-ка 7 Windows button for one-touch access to the Start screen. Back button for faster navigation. 4-way scroll wheel for navigating up, down, left and right.
Х-ка 8 2 AAA alkaline batteries (included).
Гаранция 36 месеца

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