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Аксесоар, Sony Vertical grip for A77

SONY цифрови фотоапарати >> Sony Vertical grip for A77 Препоръчителен сервиз
Препоръчителен сервиз
Сервизни Центрове Сони: гр.София - Лас Сервиз, тел. 07001 71 80, гр. Пловдив - Пулсар, тел. 032 664945, гр.Бургас - АШ ЕООД, тел. 070042420



Предназначен за Огледално-рефлексен фотоапарат
Х-ка 2 Stable, comfortable grip for holding camera in vertical position - ideal for portrait photography
Х-ка 3 Low-position shutter release button for greater shooting comfort and stability
Х-ка 4 Other main control buttons duplicated for ease of use in either shooting position
Х-ка 5 Rugged design, with buttons and controls protected against dust and moisture
Х-ка 6 Holds two high-capacity NP-FM500H batteries to provide additional power for extended shooting (batteries not included)
Х-ка 7 Strap hole allows attachment of optional STP-GB1AM Hand Strap for extra stability
Гаранция 6 месеца

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