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№ 21671
TRUST Starzz All-round Microphone for PC and laptop
Предназначен заHigh performance microphone with mute switch and tripod stand, for outstandingly clear and natural voice reproduction
Х-ка 2Ideal for voice recordings, online gaming sessions, chatting, Skype and voice controlled applications
Х-ка 3For all round use: Handheld microphone design with included stable tripod makes it suitable for both handheld and handsfree applications
Х-ка 4Gold plated 3.5mm plug for optimized connection and best speech quality
Х-ка 5Extra long 2.5m cable
Х-ка 6Product size (HxWxD): 135 x 45 x 45 mm
Х-ка 7Package contents: Microphone, Tripod, Adapter cable, User guide

TRUST Starzz All-round Microphone for...

TRUST Starzz All-round Microphone for PC and laptop
№ 21671