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SONY цифрови фотоапарати >> Sony FDA-V1K Carl Zeiss Optical viewfinder for RX1

Аксесоар, Sony FDA-V1K Carl Zeiss Optical viewfinder for RX1

Препоръчителен сервиз
Препоръчителен сервиз
Сервизни Центрове Сони: гр.София - Лас Сервиз, тел. 07001 71 80, гр. Пловдив - Пулсар, тел. 032 664945, гр.Бургас - АШ ЕООД, тел. 070042420



Предназначен за Цифров фотоапарат
Х-ка 2 High-quality optics with Carl Zeiss technology ensures you see every detail in the frame
Х-ка 3 The cleverly designed eyepiece gives you the comfort you need to frame and take your shot
Х-ка 4 The viewfinder quickly fixes to the Multi Interface Shoe on your Cyber-shot RX1 so you’ll never miss a shot
Х-ка 5 A magnification ratio of 0.58x helps you see every detail even more clearly
Х-ка 6 The viewfinder comes with a carrying case and a cloth to protect against dust and scratches
Гаранция 6 месеца